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What is Pickcode?
Pickcode is a platform for teaching and learning to code. Our code editor supports Python, HTML, Javascript, and Java and is a great alternative to products like Replit or Coding Rooms. With a Pickcode Classroom plan, teachers can create custom lessons for their students and monitor their work in a grading dashboard.
What programming languages do you offer?
Our editor supports Python, HTML/Javascript/CSS, Java, and Pickcode VL.

Pickcode VL helps students transition from block coding to more advanced languages by guiding them through the process of writing real code that's very similar to Python or Javascript.

In the future, our Classroom Pro virtual machines will allow students to complete in any programming language. Sign up for Classroom Pro updates here.
What ages is Pickcode for?
Our code editor for Python, Javascript, HTML, etc. is ideal for middle and high school students. The editor is streamlined, and includes only the tools needed for middle and high school learners.
How do I get technical support?
Emailing is the best way to get in touch with us. With a Pickcode Classroom plan, you'll have access to 24-7 customer support via phone.
What data do you collect?
Pickcode takes privacy very seriously. For a full summary of our approach, check out our Privacy Policy. In short, we do not share user data with third parties. We collect emails, passwords, and approximate ages for account creation, user verification, and saving projects. Any user metrics are solely for providing internal feedback to improve the platform for our members.
Does Pickcode offer financial assistance?
We believe that everyone should have access to coding education. We will happily work with you to find a plan that fits your budget.
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